Matlab Tutorial

Introduction to MATLAB. Basics. Our first basic coding in MATLAB Plot of Heaviside Function in MATLAB | V-03 How to plot Square Wave Form using MATLAB | V-04 How to solve differential equation using R.K Method in MATLAB | V5 MATLAB Fun using MATLAB | Techs. How to solve the root of a Non-Linear Equation f(x)=0 Using Bisection Method in MATLAB | V6 How to find the root of an equation using Newton Raphson Method | V7 How to find the integral of f(x)dx using Simpson’s one-third Rule | V8 How to find the value of integral of f(x)dx using Trapezoidal Rule. | V9 How to plot a graph for an Underdamped System | V10 How to draw a 3-D Red Heart | V11

Introduction to MATLAB. Basics.